Beyond food.


Health and wellness go beyond food – they encompass every area of your life. So the key to transforming how you look and feel is through lifestyle strategies.

Finding what those are for you?
That’s my expertise.

You’re ready


You’re addressing a health concern like diabetes, high cholesterol, or an autoimmune disease and need support


You need a kick in the booty to start taking charge of your health


Eating healthy and losing weight aren’t your strengths


You flip-flop between a strict diet and binging


You’re overwhelmed by nutrition trends

To transform your health

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to health and wellness, and change doesn’t happen overnight. You can reclaim your body, and with my support and guidance – it’s easier than you think.

As your health coach and advocate I’ll give you the tools to feel more energized, sexy, grounded, and clear. My essential ingredients for success? Consistency, inspiration and fun.

What’s the difference between Coaching and a HKM?

These phone or Skype sessions give you dedicated time with me to address your health and lifestyle needs. Coaching support is the key to achieving long-term goals.

HKM is offered as a grocery store tour, a one-day immersion or a two-month transformational program. We begin in your kitchen, sort through what’s in your fridge, customize your plan, and then head off to the market. I teach you all of my tricks including how to create yummy, healthy meals and snacks.

Not sure where to begin?

Book an Initial Consult to get started.


Still not sure?


You can reach me at 310-770-8975
or Email me at [email protected]


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