The Healthy Kitchen Makeover


You’re ready to get serious about your weight and health.

This two-month program is for those with 20 or more pounds to lose, or a health concern such as high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, auto immune disease, or are pre-diabetic.

I’m in your home with you for the first three weeks – my undivided attention and dedicated emotional support is yours. We explore what stresses in your life are exacerbating your health issues, and we craft a realistic plan that truly supports you. It takes 21 or more days to make a new habit stick – this program sets the foundation to assure it’s healthy and lasting.

How it works:

Phase 1: We Get Hands-on, in Your Kitchen

WEEK 1: After reviewing your health and wellness goals, we design a custom menu plan, shopping list, and lifestyle strategies to support you.

WEEK 2: After review of your nutrition plan, we’ll peek in your kitchen to see what’s in your fridge and cabinets. Then together, we’ll purge your processed foods and junk.

WEEK 3: Together we shop and restock your kitchen with foods you’ll love. Next I teach you how to prepare some delicious menus on your plan, and we strategize for your week ahead.

Phase 2: Continuous Support

Weekly 30-minute coaching calls to keep you focused on track.

Here’s what you get:

A personalized,
detailed meal plan and recipes

Dissolve the blocks that keep you stuck, release old habits, and create positive new intentions

Increase your capacity for
self-reflection, self-awareness and

Daily, weekly and monthly support
and strategies

Self-investment: $1,200

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