The Healthy Kitchen Makeover


This 2-month program is for people who have 20lbs+ to lose, or are addressing a health concern like, pre- diabetes, chronic fatigue, auto immune disease or high cholesterol.


I’m in your home with you for the first three weeks – my undivided attention and dedicated emotional support is yours. We explore what stresses in your life are exacerbating your health issues and we’ll take the time to craft a realistic plan that truly supports you. It takes at least 21 days to make new habits, and this program sets the foundation of you do just that – so that you can begin to create new healthy habits.

  • 2 custom phases to get you started
  • A personalized, detailed meal plan and recipes
  • Dissolve the blocks that keep you stuck, release old habits, and create positive new intentions
  • Increase your capacity for self-reflection, self-awareness and self-acknowledgment
  • Daily, weekly, monthly support and strategies
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